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Naked Sea Minerals Renewing Scrub: So many reasons why i am in Love with this scrub It was on sale now a tub this keep I thought that was a bargain from £9 to £3 (Y) , i feel it does what it says on the tin it works so well and all the properties  such a minerals and salt works very well with your skin giving it that "smoother than a babies bum" skin .
Sleek"Au Naturel Palette: I have been waiting this palette every since it came out and I feel so silly not getting it earlier this is such a good collect I just love all of Sleeks eyeshadow , they are very pigmented and the colour pay off is amazing personally I feel they are just as good as MAC eyeshadow but cheaper . 
Sally Hansen - Airbrush Legs: This product was made for me , people like me how hate having their due to scarring etc this is such a amazing product to use to cover up any imperfections you have , I am in the colour Medium Tan this is something I will be re-purchasing when I'm out .
Bio-Oil: Now this product at first I was sceptical about as with all products that claim to improve all imperfections however after using it on my face I have noticed a few changes to my skin , I personally feel that it looks a lot clearer around some areas of my face I have also been putting it on my legs and arms too but I don't really see much of a change . I think with this product it various with certain skin types and imperfections I do think I need to continue using this and see if it has a major impact on my skin as a whole . I use it daily once in the morning and once at night I might need to up the doses I'm putting on maybe? what do you guys think ? .
Barry M - 210 :This is such a pretty colour that I feel goes with any skin tone out there , its a pinkish nude colour that never fails to look good . its in the colour 210 and I advise all of you to pick one up ASAP.
Vitamin E Facial Scrub : Best scrub I have used so far - Vitamin E is so beneficial for this skins intake and the oats and wheat's it contains helps smoothen the skins surfaces leaving a radiant glow to the skin , I have also purchased this scrub it's perfect for those who have normal - dry skin , people with oily skin can also use it to . I have nothing bad to say about this product except this need to make these tubs BIGGER!!

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