Hey guys , I'm back its been so long since I've done a blog-post , there has been a lot going on recently and now I can finally say that I am back for good. So much has been going on my personal life which is why I haven't be blogging so much. Now that I'm back I have a lot to share with you all :).

I got my A levels results on the 16th and I happy to say that I got into both of my chosen Universities. I know I could have done better but I'm so relieved that it’s over, just the other day I had my enrolment day at my university I was so scared I didn't know what to except, but now that all the paperwork is out of the way I actually can't wait to start. 
Its still crazy-busy in London, it feels like the Olympics hype hasn't quite settled down yet now that the Paralympics are here for another 2 weeks and can I say The Paralympics’ Opening Ceremony was just amazing which is why I am sooo excited  I finally got my hand on some tickets!! , I’ve just loved the whole Country coming together vibe and especially when carnival was just around the corner it's been great living in London this year.  

(Here are a few snaps from my phone yes I know I'm sad I just loved it)

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