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Sparkle Palace Cocktail
Img. John Foster . Website
 So recently I've just been working on my portfolio for Uni and I've just been looking everywhere for some sort of inspiration and I came across an artist and I really felt I had to mention - John Foster . A contemporary 3D artist.
Its a beautiful and unique design, one of a kind, hand-bloody-made, experiential sculpture. His work is truly inspiration I hope to achieve something like this in the future with my work. *sign*
$6,909  / approximately ₤4,367.00 
What I wouldn't do to have one of his pieces in my room. * I wish , keep dreaming hoe.* 

"I want my objects to influence our experience. I embrace chance, and allow the experiential aspect of my work to inform the composition of prints, paintings, sculptures, utilitarian objects, and jewelry. I encourage people who see my work to use their cell phones to photograph, share, look inside, feel, and learn through my sculptures."



  1. That is so beautiful! Oh my goodness I want that so much!!!!



  2. oh my gosh! this is perrfect for my art project! its amazing!

  3. I have loved this table for forever! Isn't it amazing!


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