Finally can do a post got ya'll! , I've been crazy busy with work and now Uni I have finally enrolled after finishing off my foundation course and it feels so good I'm actually looking forward to going to University  now ! But this weather !! ; Most recently this weather in London has been so rubbish lately and I was hoping to start Uni with good/ ok weather but I guess you can't have it all! . 

Now with this fab Bomber jacket I purchased this a while back during the summer holidays, this was one of my impulse buys for sure I have never rushed to a jacket so quick in my life! and at that time there was no need for layering on anything because it was that HOT in London but now it has become my most worn piece ever! it's keeps me really warn and it's the perfect thickness , perfect for when the weather does decide  to change from hot to cold .

With the AA trouser I purchased these at the American Apparel Outlet store in Bricklane for only £30 ! and originally it was £70 !! , now I was very lucky finding this as most of the items there was ranges for a L - XXL which was a little annoying for people sized smaller but I must say there were some Great bargains . 


  1. happy you are back!

  2. love the bomber jacket such a wardrobe essential x



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