Here is the final design:

 Last week I attended the Ghost girl launch event at the apartment in Hoxton hotel in Holborn. I worked with seekers of the sun to create their limited edition designs based around a very girly theme. It's probably one of the best projects I have worked on with Seekers of the Sun it was fun and playful and of course very girly. I created a emoji themed tattoo pack for them based on their theme and bottle and illustrative text from illustrator Caroline. As I predicted the ghost and girl emoji were the most popular designs!. We had the mandatory Photo Booth, candy floss but not any old candy floss on a glow stick, Wah nail girls doing manis, seekers of the sun adorning guests with the bespoke design, fortune teller and lots of candy! I think the perfume is perfect for young teens it's cute girly and perfect for the summer. 

Perfume will be launching in few days so keep an eye out for and if you do pass the fragrance make sure you try it out.


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