On my Instagram you can usually see what I get up to, the products I been loving, what I've been wearing and images that really inspire me.  On Thursday was a day of celebration for me as it was Eid. This was a great time for me to be with my family and celebrate. It was also the first time in a while where I actually had a chance to get dressed up. During that week I also had a sneak peak of the Superdrug autumn/winter press launch in London. This event showcased all their upcoming new products and exclusives this coming fall. I usually love changing up my look, but right now for me I'm in desperate need of a change. Every time I feel like I've gone through or experience something, or like right now where I'm about to start university again. I want a new look. I came across this picture of Ciara on her instagram and I simply fell in love. 

 I am always looking for inspiration, even though I am a beauty blogger I don't want to always limit my feeds to just beauty posts.  As well as following bloggers and make-up artists, I love following illustrators, textile designers, henna artists,painters and people that just love to create beautiful pictures.

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