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Back with a SKIN BARING POST! - The Magnitone BareFaced brush deep-cleanses the skin through the vibrations of the brush head. It claims to leave skin softer, smoother and more radiant and I do believe it does, if you continue using it in your skin care routine. It claims to empties out your pores, tones the skin and evens the surface. Available for all skin types, including very sensitive skin which I personally have – dry and sensitive. It can also remove makeup far better than a manual cleansing brush, I did try this but I just felt that it wasn’t really working well with my skin.

The brush has a built-in timer with beeps, which is super handy for someone like me, I feel that I am too harsh on my skin at times, and would end up only cleansing one part of my face. It stops after one minute and beeps every 20 seconds so you can cleanse your t-zone, cheeks/chin and neck.

The Magnitone BareFaced comes with a wireless travel USB charger (super handy) a travel bag and a 12-month warranty. I’ve been using this brush for a while now and I have only had to charge it once. At £70, I do think it’s a decent price to pay for what it essentially is – an at home facial.

Adding the Brush into my Skincare routine

I have had this brush for a while now and I really wanted to give it a go before I reviewed it. I was really excited to see how well the cleansing brush would work with my skin as I have mentioned before how DRRRRYY my skin really is. After the first use, my skin felt smoother and looked more radiant. I’m not going to lie, adding this brush into my skincare routine, I did notice after a while of using this brush, I did have a few drier patches on my skin, which in all, did put me off from using for a while. However, it was only, later on, I did notice a change in the texture of my skin but not so much in the uneven pigmentations.

Using this brush I did think that I was going to see instant results, but noooo gurl it doesn’t. I feel that once your skin is used to the vibrations of the brush you can see instant results - such as the dry skin under my eyebrows. My favourite thing about the Magnitone is that it can be used in the shower – handy right.

Skin confidence

Rebuilding your skin confidence when you have stages of problematic skin can be a process. Having healthy skin is one of the key components of overall having confidence in yourself. I feel that for some It can also really affect your emotional and mental well-being. I personally had suffered from a lot of issues with my skin growing up and still to this day. I have always had super dry skin due to having really bad eczema, which was a huge damper on my confidence growing up. However, The most important thing growing up that I needed to remember was to be patient. It was only until I realised how important skincare really is, and because  of this I've given myself a few rules to live by when it comes to overcoming these issues with my skin. 

1.Don't Spend Too Much Time Analysing Your Skin

Easier said then done right, yes but don’t get stuck in front of the mirror looking for things to criticise. You can literally pick yourself apart, and that's not healthy. Step away from the magnifying mirror. Don't let it stop you from doing things you love. 

2.Be Patient

Patience is a virtue, but especially when you're dealing with your skin. Skin care products or medications take time to work, instead of expecting a quick fix focus on the positives.

3.Focus On The Positives

Instead of focusing on your problem areas, focus on the things you love about yourself instead. Identifying your best qualities will just remind you that you can be kinder to yourself and skin and just know that you a badass b***h. Avoid comparing yourself to what you see online on social medias and in the magazines. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this in-depth review of the Magnitone BareFaced. If there was anyone out there looking to purchase a cleansing brush definitely give this ago. I also generally hope that this post has also helped anyone who is also going through their own skin confidence struggles. It’s definitely a process you do go through however just know that you are not alone.
I would never have thought I would ever bare my skin online like this but I feel like I have gotten to a point where I don’t even care!

"Skin confidence doesn't come from trying to achieve the perfect skin, it comes from embracing the one you have already got"


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