Inspiration / Frida Kahlo a Mexican self-portrait artist/feminist icon


Things you will Need
Flower head bands
Loads of brow products

Looking for some last minute Halloween or costume party inspiration? well, here it is! I thought of a super easy costume anyone can achieve with things you might already own. I don't really do a lot of Halloween looks but this year I thought why not. A good way to start any last minute makeup look is to Google some inspirational pictures to help you begin. I have always admired Frida's pieces and what she had done for the Art and design community for women & woc, so this costume was a no-brainer. The main focus for me was the famous brows,skin and red lip. I only used six products for this look so it's super easy to achieve. 

For the face, I went in with my normal base, my go-to foundation 'Nars sheer glow in Tahoe' and my new super full coverage Kryolan cosmetics concealer in DM1/4. For the eyes, I simply muted any pigmentation that was on my lids and covered it with skin tone shadow. The brows I went in with my Sleek brown kit and gel liner to create large 'hair like' strokes. She is very well known for her eyebrows and as it was for Halloween I did go to the extreme, plus my brows right now are incredibly unruly. Now Kahlo was a natural beauty but I had seen a lot of images of Frida where she had a lot of what looked like blush on her skin. For the Extreme blush across the cheeks and temples, I simply went in with a red lipstick and used it as a cream blush. To add dimension to the skin I used my favourite face gloss by Gosh Cosmetics Lip Oil. To finish the look I used the Topshop lipstick in 'Vamp'.

I'm really digging this extreme blush and contour.
Taaa-Dahh,Easy Right?
Happy Halloween


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