Glossy PINK

So pink isn’t a colour for everyone and it isn’t a colour I would usually reach for when it comes to doing my makeup. However, only recently I’ve had an influx of everything pink in my life and now I feel like I am slowly really loving the colour - *please don’t hate me*. Pink has become my  new guilty pleasure. I always tell myself to start introducing pops of colour in my wardrobe but it never happens, so my new way of gradually  adding colour into my life is through experimenting with makeup. Now this look might not be for everyone but it is defiantly a look to give a go to really get yourself out of that boring comfort zone. A really easy look to create and only used two shades of pinks and browns the crease.

I usually stick to my normal base makeup routine for every look I do. To prime and prep the skin I used my Nivea Creme and some fix plus for that added moisture. For the face, I used thbobbie brown stick foundation in ‘Honey’ and my new go to concealer by Derma colour in ‘DM1/4. With this concealer, I feel that I don't really need to colour correct as much as I would before as it is a full coverage concealer. To finish the skin I topped it with the Gosh Lip Oil on the tops on my cheek bones. For the brows, I wanted to keep it in it’s natural 'growing out’ state and so I simply went in and use the “L'Oreal Brow Artiste Plumper Dark Medium/Dark” throughout my brows.

For the lids I used the very vibrant pink from the  ‘BH Cosmetics First Edition 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette’ I purchased from beautybay.com and topped it with the favourite (duuhh) Gosh Lip oil in ‘Gosh Lip Oil 002 Sea Buckthorn 4ml’.

Easy right? I’m actually running out of my Gosh Lip Oil and now on the hunt for a new face gloss - any recommendations? & Try it for yourself you never know you might even fall in love with pink as much as I am right now!

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