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Back with a quick product review and this is a good one, during Ramadan, my water intake was limited so throughout my time fasting, I relied on products that would help hydrate my skin. Using the Indeed Labs hydration booster Intensely hydrating Serum, It plumps up any dry looking patches, including fine lines for a more refreshed appearance. This is my second bottle and you can clearly see I'm halfway through the bottle, I clearly saw the difference in the texture and overall appearance of my skin.

I found the best way to indicate if a product is good if 1) You actually see a contrast in your skin and 2) If you would actually spend your money on it again. Regrettably, I don't have any (BEFORE AND AFTER) photos of my skin to you show you all during Ramadan because my skin was that good. Having eczema, you tend to have a lot of texture and fine lines in your skin and now in all my recent photos, I have definitely seen a huge improvement to the texture of my skin. Ideal for those of you who have dry skin, it repairs the skin's barrier to maintain long-term water retention. I used this after I cleanse my skin and also before my moisturisers, or If I really want to that extra boost of hydration I add it to my moisturisers. I purchased this off the Asos website, however, there are a lot of outlets that do sell Indeed Lads (down below).  This has certainly got me interested in looking into Indeed Lab a lot more.  It's definitely been added to my list of 'SHIT YOU NEED TO BUY' literally (check the tab)

Where you can purchase it:
Asos - Here
Boots - Here
Fragrance Direct - Here


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