Three weeks in

Danessa Myricks Dew-wet balm in 'Clear'
3INA 505 Brown lipliner 

COLLUSION zebra print roll neck top
Camera: Canon 600D

Three weeks in, 2019 is here.
January can be a month of change for a lot of us, it's a start of new intentions and great achievements. I had some serious anxiety just starting this new year, which is why I have eased myself into the first part of this year in order to realise what I want to achieve and what I intend to do for 2019.

I want to start by saying firstly - Happy new year! and also it’s okay to take things slow, this time last year I told myself 'slow and steady wins the race' so try not to burn yourself out in the first few weeks. I’m more than comfortable with doing my own thing at my own speed. I think it was the idea of actually re-attempting to do all the things I didn't get a chance to do last year, not having any excuses for not pushing myself, and also not putting off all the responsibilities hit me. Nevertheless, I made the conscious decision to enter the new year peacefully, with pizza, fake bubbly + a night in with my family of course. It allowed me to gain clarity and of course, what I wanted for this year.

Social media is such a powerful tool, but it, without a doubt, presents itself to the comparison which is never good.  I follow plenty of people who are doing some really incredible things. Different ages, backgrounds. And I always find that at the end of the year I tend to reflect on the year passed, and well the year to come and that I am still relatively young  - well kind of.  This year I turn 25 but that's a whole another post {still trying to get my brain around it}. However, saying this it provided me with the comfort that there's no rush to achieving everything, and that I need to be where others are which is cool.

Last year was a real up and down year for me, I had moments where work felt right and the outcome was here nor there, although they may not have been frequent, I think I know what I would like to achieve. But again I have to still remind myself about not feeling the need to keep up as I did so much last year - it's quite frustrating, to say the least, but I'm slowly getting there. As I move and progress in my own settings I still want to continue putting myself into more 'uncomfortable' positions, new spaces and continuing to learn new skills with my surroundings. 

I didn’t feel the rush to get this up for January 1st which I’m happy about, metaphorically speaking what people would see so far from me I haven't done much and I've kind of stayed still - which in some cases yes. In an environment where it’s all about the next thing, I think last year I had taken the time to relax, I was out of work for a while and also I travel quite a bit last year - Bangladesh, Mexico, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.  As well as working with some of my favourite brands - Glossier, Asos etc. I hope to take on a more confident outlook from last year into the new year. 

A vision board was something I never properly considered, I always would write things down and found that there was always a few things that kept coming up. However actually seeing everything visually in one space now makes such a difference! {highly recommend it}.

Looking back at some of my favourite photos, for this look, in order to set the bar for myself in terms of the photos I want to carry on creating and improving on. I wanted to create a look to help illustrate this blog post. I'm still taking unkept eyebrows, glossy/greasy skin and a statement eye in 2019, I feel like that's my thing now, my niche. A graphic liner has also been a favourite of mine. I think the idea of symmetry is beautiful, I think of true balance, which was something I was trying to create in this look, however it was proven to be quite difficult - nonetheless something I can improve on. 

Using the super popular stargazer neon eye shadow as a foundation for my liner, I used it all over the lids including my waterline and my lower lashline.
Following with the revolution pro black gel liner, to create this somewhat symmetrical Rorschach test-inspired ink blotch.  I've been really enjoying seeing this new futuristic, sci-fi new age beauty, which was the theme running through my head when I created this look.
Taking a shimmery black from the new too faced 'pretty rich' palette {a dreamy palette that everyone needs} to smoke out the lower lashline as well as setting the gel in place. I can definitely see myself reaching out for this palette a lot more - stay tuned!

For the skin, I wanted to keep it super dewy + hydrated - of course. I went in using the Glossier stretch concealer in deep and my Fenty foundation in 400. To create this super glossy skin, I used my NEW Danessa Myricks 'dew-wet balm' in clear, this product is AMAZING - will be doing a full review and look on this very soon. For the lips,  I went in with a mac brown lipliner and the Generation G lipstick in Leo and top it off with the glossier lip gloss. This has become my new favourite combination to wear with every look - I really should try and change it up, however, for now, I'll keep it.

Now, I know I haven’t noted what I’m going to be changing or aiming for the year, However, I hope it becomes apparent as time goes on and hopefully you will see it - this is my day 1. 
Here’s to a progressive 2019.
For all of us.

Photography by Farzana Ahmed


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