This past weekend, the 8th of June to be exact I had the opportunity to host my very first Eid Celebration event in collaboration with the luxury body care brand Crabtree & Evelyn. As some of you may or may not know Ramadan has ended for us.  Eid is the celebration Muslims observe after a month of fasting which is one of the five pillars of Islam. It’s a time to reflect, mentally and physically and we had the opportunity to celebrate it with Crabtree & Evelyn in their beautiful contemporary store, with a relaxing afternoon of pampering. It is usually a time we spend with family and friends to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan and that's what I always wanted to do, to create a space for Muslim and non- Muslim women to come together and celebrate and meet you, people. 

I wanted to create a intermate space where we just enjoy our time together over some food and drinks, adorn our hands with henna and getting pampered while testing out some products. I was able to have the wonderful Ash Kumar trained henna artist Aaliyahz Mendh to adorn everyone's hands who dropped by as well as hosting a little photo session with me. 

I didn't know what to expect & what I was getting myself into so it was a whole new experience for me, putting on an event together on in such a small amount of time and a small space to work with - stressssssss. However, I was lucky enough to have my sisters that have an eye for decor and a few friends putting things together while I was stressing out in the corner LOOL. I just wanted to thank everyone who attended and dropped by and for spending your weekend with me. I also got a chance to meet some of you guys which were soo nice! Truly humbled by the support so thank you so much.

Here are just a few photos I was able to take, looking back I realised I didn't take that many of people who dropped by - busy talking to everyone I guess lol, however,  this is all a learning curve for me as I plan to continue creating more spaces for us to come together, spaces big or small so stay locked in.

Thank you so much to all my angels that helped out - couldn't have done it without you. 


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