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Hello Ladies. 
Are you guys excited for school? Because I am! Here are a few key pieces that I think every girl should have for school (especially those who are entering college/university) , For me I've learnt  that you only need a few basics and key wardrobe essential to make a outfit look great , now your sent to school for learn this ain't no fashion show girls but I do understand when you look good you feel good and everyone wants to look their best, so I have put together to give you guys an idea on what I would wear on a every day bases to school without splashing the cash.
 Jean upon jean : Denim jeans I personally think is a must have in any girls wardrobe , a good pair of jeans can tie an outfit together , personally I'm a jeans fernatic however you don't have to limit yourself to just denim jeans there is a great variety of Denim styled pieces for example a denim skirt.
Cardigans/Hoodies : Whatever your doing cardigans can often be a key piece to an outfit , knowing the British weather they are ideal for those in between days where there's a slight chill in the air and cardigans are a great superstitions for wearing a jacket. Now you can go for a full on knitted cardigans or a light one it's up to you , places like Topshop , HnM and some Vintage store have some really great Cardigans at good prices . Cardigans are a great transition piece through out the sessions.
Classic Blouse / Shirt : Wearing blouses / shirt to school gives your outfit more of a clean cut , girly and makes your outfit more polish , it's one of those pieces you can just throw on without thinking about it to much plus it's one of those pieces you can easily pair with anything very versatile.
Shoes: Now your in school for 6 hours or even more you need to feel comfortable , I advise any girl not to wear any heels, heel boots or kitten heels save all of that save that sass for the weekends , kick it old school with some flats , vans, boots, converse or creepers , your feet will be thanking you later.
Bags: Now bags for me throughout college was a nightmare , I couldn't find the right bag for me until the end . Now when looking for a good school bag you have you think practical you can't carry your all your books in a small evening bag noway , I advise all students to purchase a bag with sturdy straps I had this problems so many times you don't want them to be snapping off in the middle of your school day , another thing I always tell people is to look for a bag with good compartments this will come in handy when you want to put your keys or your phone aside. I have seen a lot of people rocking backpacks nowadays which is something I need to start to look into now that I'm at Uni ^_^ .
And lastly jackets: Now everyone knows the British weather is never one our side when we want it to be so jackets are a denfinate essential. Now I know a lot of people don't like covering up a Fab ;) outfit with a jacket but having a jacket that is very versatile is essential , I personally love my leather jacket I from Topshop , I know that I can dress it up or down without thinking about it , other jackets such as the Cameo can go well with outfits too . Having a great jacket can tie a plain outfit together I think that jackets can just top an outfit together so we can never have too many.

I hoped this helped well anyone that is starting College or University
P.s sorry for the crappy picture x


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