Boring Fridays

Back from Uni and I was flicking through the new issue of "Dare" - Superdrugs's store magazine , and I came across the most amazing thing ever . MUA are really stepping up their game they are launching a new line of caviar manicures for only £3 - Bargain *Happy dance*
I have always wanted to try these out but I couldn't bring myself to spend so much on one bottle . This bottles of delight will be in stores on the 26th of September for sure these babies will be on my wishlist until they arrive .

Updates: Uni life has been good so far , on Tuesday my class took a trip down to the Tate Modern Gallery , where i experienced the most strangest exhibition ever , when I first walked in I noticed a huge crowd of people walking towards us , now if you have seen the Crazies or 28 days later you would be scared too . Now these people kept walking up and down this big empty space until they starting picking up the pace , all these people had different stories to tell and one by one they would come up to you talking about events that happened to them in the past , and once they had finished they joined the group walking up and down . It was the weirdest thing every we wasn't allowed to take any pictures all we had to do was to figure out what was going on , the creator unfortunately will not relieve the meaning behind exhibition until it's over , I really recommend this exhibition to  anyone you don't even have to be an art student just go for the experience.

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