Happy Halloween


 I have really got into the whole Halloween spirit this year , I swear you can never be to old to dress up for Halloween , its one of my favorite events of the year and it's the only time you get the dress up like crazy ! * happy dance * I really want to go all out for this year I never do specially seen as I started a new school and everyone that goes there are very creative , I just love the whole Gothic look this season with the smokey eyes , red lips ahh it gets me excited however I still don't know what I wanna be for this year there so much to decide from it's hard to narrow it down, so I decided to try and draw some inspiration from other youtube gurus , bloggers and online stores to help me decide what I want to be for this Halloween .Whether you're going out dressed up or doing the more traditional things such as carving pumpkins  I hope you all have a great Halloween and be safe :)

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