Wish List • October 2012

Just a small list of things I've been wanted lately , seen as I'm on the hunt to spice up my wardrobe with new a daring things specially for this season.  I think these items will definitely be the next things  to eat into my paycheck *which is almost non-existent*

 1|Reversible Beanie | Add a burgundy coloured beanie for a touch of autumnal colour, need to stock up on all my beanie I've seen some really nice ones around and I'm in love with this one *burgundy also goes well with grey and khaki*

2|ADONIS2 Cut Out Boots| As for the boots...oh jheez. I've seen various bloggers wearing them, and now farzana wants. They're just perfect. If anybody knows where I can get my mitts on them, let me know! 

3|Semi Precious Spray Ring | The first time i saw this ring I instantly though of the YLS rings , the colours just remind of Autumn  and it's on sale!!

 4|Jersey Tank Midi Dress | The jersey dresses are also from Topshop, and would be perfect for layering as it gets colder, and the colour ranges are lovely too!

5|MOTO High Waist Boyfriend Jeans | Basic comfortable boyfriend jeans , are the ones that I need this fall , perfect for Uni life too and it's one of those pieces that you can't go wrong with - farzana wants..

6 |Oversized Vintage Jumper | Perfect knitwear for this season and I'm in love with this colour too , one of those pieces you can layer on without even thinking about it.

7|Lips in Wicked|Topshop | The lipstick is from the Topshop range - Wicked, and I'm desperately wanting to find the perfect dark reddish lipstick , perfect for this season and this was the only one I found so far , I know there's a colour I really want to try from mac and its call "Diva" but it's a little pricey so if I can find a dupe it would be perfect!. 

8| Baroque Charm Plait Bracelet | I have been in love with this trend this fall and when I saw this I fell in love , a charm bracelets with small decorative pieces , I think it's one of those pieces where you can just wear by it'self and you wouldn't have to wear loads of bracelets together because it stands out.

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