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No7 Skin Illuminator

Hey dolls , I just recently purchased a highlighter/Illuminator from No.7 and so far I've been really enjoying it . I have always wanted to have that flawless sheen / healthy glow to my skin but I could never get it right, previously I wasn't too keen on using any highlighting products because I though it wouldn't look good on my skin tone but recently I've seen a lot of Bloggers and YouTube gurus using this and I though might as well rite , now I know I'm a bit late on discovering any highlighting products but I'm glad that I have finally jumped on that bandwagon because this product is great however the only downside to this product are the range of shades.I put this before I put on my foundation or concealer and then maybe touch it up after forwards and I just feel it just brings the look together . As I am a first time highlighter user I thought I should start off with a drugstore product , something fairly cheap . I purchased this one from BOOTS and it was only £11 . 

Update :Yes its been a while since i have uploaded anything , there's been a lot going on at the moment, Uni life is just piling up the work load is crazy . I recently been on some crazy revamping mode for my wardrobe I feel that over the years my personal style has changed a lot and now I am more aware about what looks and good and what doesn't so I'm giving away all the stuff that I don't wear or need and with that in mind I will be going shopping very soon !! *happy dance* :) x
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