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This seasons trends has been all about playing with different textures and one of them that has really caught my eye, now I've have been lusting over the American Apparel - Disco Pants and the Riding Pants for so long,but i just cant bring myself to bring to spend that much money on only one piece now I know I'm not the only one who is not or willing to fork out £74.00for the real deal
*runs away and cries*.... but not for longgg....
This been a sudden BANGG in disco pant dupes lately and hey I'm not complaining , I'm sure most retailers realized how popular they are and wanted in. 
I have been loads of online stores such as , Booboo , Missguided , Yayer and many more have all released their own versions , cheaper alternatives to American Apparel ones I'm just waiting for the day that Primark start doing these and surprise surprise there have been a big rave about this over all the fashion bloggers out there and I wanted  in , I just wanted to share with you guys the ones I found that are pretty more half the price as the real ones and you don't have to splash the cash for just one piece and for all those sugar mamas that just can't afford it like me this is something that is definitely on my wishlist, here you goo !
Noir Disco Pants
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Noir Disco Pants
Noir Disco Pants
Noir Disco Pants

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