1st of Jan.

Ralph Lauren Shirt | Original Price  :  £30.00 | Sale Price - £24.00
Mac | Select Cover Up - NC45 | Original Price - 14.25 | Sale Price - £10.00
Mac | Cream Colour Base - Take Root |  Original Price £14.50 | Sale Price - £10.00 

Went in the a BANGG..*not really* , So the 1st day of January I though why not let's go do some January  shopping . Now I sure didn't want to go to the obvious places like Oxford St. and Westfield  because at this time it would be super busy and I know I wouldn't pick up anything on the way.  So a few a my family members and I went down to "Bicester Village" - now if you never heard of Bicester Village it's a place where you can get some really great offers on Designer clothing . Yepp !! It home's 130 different designer boutiques like Prada , Yves Saint Laurent ,Valentio , Michael Kors and many more all had some great sales one.  Now as young student I knew I wasn't really gonna purchase anything that was way and I mean way out of my budget however I still did pick a few things I was really happy with. 

They have a Out-lit store called the "Cosmetics Company" for which hold loads of well known and every expensive cosmetics from Bobbie Brown to Mac , YSL  to Estee Lauder; the list goes on and one !for really get prices  . When I saw the Mac section I went crazy , now they don't have everything that you may want. Some of the stuff that they were selling in the shops where like One off lines or things that didn't sell too well. But I still managed to bag me some goodies from there which I very happy about * happy dance*. I would definitely recommend this shop if anyone gets a chance to go there.  :) As for the shirt well... with this one I managed to bag me a shirt from the Kids section for boys :P , It's really weird  they way they do their sizing is a bit odd but if you a size 8-10 you will fit in a Ralph Lauren Shirt for kids and that never happens for me !!. 

Update : So started Uni and already I'm behind , I'm hearing projects I didn't even know about which is a reason why This post is so late * hind face* . But it''s im on the right track - kinda and I'm still designing my new layout for my blog so sorry about the crappy layout!

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