Goodbye 2012

Well guys what a years it's been , a lot has happened this year in London , Olympics , Will and Kate and the baby :) - and for me , I went through a lot of changes this year - New school , new friends , new job .... the list goes on; especially  starting up this blog . I would say this may be one of my few great accomplishments of this year . I have always wanted to be apart of the  blogging and YouTube community for years now but never had the nerve to do so , I was always worried about what people might think or say or even who will be reading my posts but it came to a point in my life where I thought - F**K IT just do it ,  
* rhyming like it's nothing * and here I am today - might not have many followers but I'm truly grateful for those who do, a new year , a new start and I am looking forward to it . I hope everyone have a wicked night too night and be safe ! and I look forward to a fresh start ! look out for more posts, new layout and hopefully I will get a better camera very soon!! .

Happy new year guys 


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