Batiste Baby

We all have that one life saving product we hold dear to our hearts , this is mine ! - Batiste Dry Shapoo has always been one of my holy grail products since I first discovered it . As a student I've always been on a tight schedule and after 3/4 day hair my roots start to look a bit worse for wear and a little bit greasy, I'm don't get a chance to treat my hair properly but with batiste it gives me an instant fix by revitalising greasy, dull and lifeless hair, especially on a night out when I feel my hair is loosing it's volume I just spray a bit in my hair and POW! . The  dry shampoo works by absorbing oil as well as absorbing the build-up of other hair care products, making hair feel cleaner without having to wet it. It initially leaves a white powdery residue but after some massaging the product it  disappears. Works wonders on weave too I've tried it on a few of my friend's hairs and it gives instant volume to their hair too! and yes I bit of an obsession with this product I love collecting them .



  1. Wow you've got all of em haha xx

  2. I think this has to be my lifesaver item too! Can't believe how many you have!

    Just followed, check my blog if you get chance :) xx



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