Brit Awards 2013

Img. Taken From Dailymail - With edits of my own. 

Aluna George| Theyskens Theory 
Delilah | MichaelKors 

It was the big night marked in the music calendar of 2013, bringing out anyone and everyone from the world of music all together in one room . It was so exciting to see the stars on the red carpet ! - I had front row sets * not really * to see all the stars come out on the red carpet too strut their stuff! , all this was happening just a stone throw away from where I study it was AMAZBALLS!  * didn't really do much work though *. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take pictures because my camera and my phone battery died on me  just my luck. 
Stars like Taylor Swift , Rita Ora , Delilah , Lana del rey and my favourites Frank Ocean  and  Justin Timberlake where all there under one roof - When I saw JT I flipped back into crazy girl mode and went so nuts! - I wasn't the only one! , I even saw One Direction too I'm not really of big fan OD but when I saw Zayn Malik I thought - * DAAAAAAMMMM. The sweetest thing was Taylor Swift sent so long going around signing autographs and taking pictures with almost everyone there and there was lot of people!!.
Everyone looked so glamorous in their dresses I had to list my favourites of the night.

Who was your favorite ?



  1. Love the post.
    I LOVE Jourdan's dress, so pretty


  2. Really cool post! & ah I love TSwift! :)

    lots of love, Dana Carmella ♔

  3. JOURDAN all the way !
    And I loved one direction performance too :)

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  5. love jourdan dunn, love any off the shoulder dresses , so flattering.... Love your blog, just followed :D



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