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I bagged another highlighter yet again , went with my friend to Westfield Straford recently and I stumbled across the Victoria's Secret store now if you haven't walked into a Victoria's Secret store before I think it’s probably worth mentioning that the store itself was just plain stunning you won't miss it it's bright pink , there is this yummy smell/taste as soon as you walk in the store is filled with a range of fragrances as soon as you walk it's kind of hard to chose because there is so many , only the store in Stratford has the a few make up counters which was where I found my amazing highlighter .
I wasn't really planning on buying any more makeup but anything that would make me look like a VS model I'm down.


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  1. As an official fresh off the boat to london, when I saw THE VS store I died inside. They got me with their draws full of well arrange and easy to find sizes XD!! i LOVE THEIR PERFUMES AND BODY MIST STUFF!!

    Thank you for the comment, Lets follow each other ^^


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