Black Chunky Chelsea Boots

I can never start a post without saying - Hey Guys so HEY GUYSS! . I've just been swamped with all this Uni work lately which explains the late post * sorry *. The workload has been so real most recently I have just been treating myself to a lot of new stuff basically to drown my sorrows through good old retail therapy. ( Outfit posts to come!) I just wanted to share these babies with you all because I feel everyone should have a pair.
I feel like I'm always attracted to the same style of shoe everywhere I go - BLACK & CHUNKY. That's what I look for.
These shoes are super comfortable, as soon as I put them on I haven’t taken them off. I swear a have 3 pairs of the same style of shoe I just love a good Chelsea boot they just go with everything. Plus I'm quite short so these shoes give me a perfect height.  These boots are just perfect for London’s weather, which have been really crappy lately; retails for only £25.00 but if you’re a student New Look offers 10% off. * Perks of being a student*.

One of my good friends from uni has just started her own blog -lifestyleandbeauty93 please show some love and check her out.


  1. Hey hun! I've nominated you and you blog for the Liebester Award. Details can be found on my blog :) X


  2. So cute! Chunky boots are trending and I've still procrastinated to buy some.


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