Farewell to my A/W coat ,Now we all know how bipolar the weather is in London; I'm at a stage where when I wear this when the sun decides to pop up  I do  feel a bit silly wearing such a oversized coat, I guess thats when you know S/S is just around the corner. HOWEVER! I've never been so happy with a coat before. This coat has been so good to me over the past couple of months during the cold weather I have to say I'm sad to see it leave this summer . At the time I had been looking for the perfect winter coat and since I saw the caramel coat trend going around I just knew I needed a oversized caramel number in my wardrobe. I just love a good old oversized coat especially how versatile they are. It's such a lovely old school piece to have; it just reminds me of my mum back in the day when she had something like this. LOOL one of my friends actually said that I reminded him of Shirley from Eastenders when I have this coat on; and you know what I actually took that as a compliment because her coat is nice too . It's such a lovely piece to throw on and definitely complements a lot of colours I have in my wardrobe. I brought this number on the Asos website and when I saw it I instantly fell in love and knew I had to have it .

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  1. you are so pretty, thanks for sharing the app,checking it out right now.

  2. Gorgeous coat and amazing look. Love how it's so simple but simultaneously makes such a statement.


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