Back with another beauty trend that I've seen going around this summer - Strobing .It relies solely on highlighters and where the natural light hits your face, creating a more define and youthful look to your skin. This technique is nothing new and has been in the beauty industry for a while now, however now it just has a fancy name. I love using highlighters ever since I had discovered them, I had previously posted up a few of my favourite ones on my blog and since then I have discovered some more treasures. It's extreme highlighting, which isn't anything new to me!.When I saw this picture circling around social media I was happy to see it. Now I love having a fierce contour look on nights out but now that it’s summer this is the look you will find me wearing. 

Strobing for some may be easier than contouring, it is all about adding light to different areas of your face. Here's how to do it:
Moisturise and cleanse your skin, to create a smooth base for the make up. The key to strobing is about having a healthy skin care routine.
Using a lightweight foundation to create an even complexion, to your skin, mix in a small amount of liquid highlighter. By doing this it would create a more fresh and dewy look to your skin.
Apply to the high points of your face, you want to apply a liquid highlighter where the sun would naturally hit your face. Take your highlighter and apply it to your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupid’s bow, inner corners of the eyes and to amp it up even more on the temples on your forehead, brow bone and the chin.
If you have oily skin, avoid using any highlighters on the chin and forehead, as it will start to look greasy and oily.

Set with highlighting powder, by doing this it would give you that extra step in creating a goddess glow to your skin. Simply sweep a small amount of powder on the any areas you have already applied the highlighter to set it. 

Spray your skin, to go even further spray your skin with a setting spray this would help the powders you use on your face to look less cakey.

List of my favorite highlighters.

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