Finally back with some new changes to the blog, I've been working on a few posts for a while and can’t wait to post them. I haven't stopped wearing this jacket ever since I purchased it. I'm not really a big fan of those puffy bomber jackets on me because I just feel like they don't really sit on me just right, so it has been my mission to find one without making me look too puffy. When I came across this silky number it was mine. Slightly oversized but I like it. 

For a while now, I felt like I had lost myself along the way trying to blog and the reasons why I started blogging. All of this was due to fear of being judged, criticised and the fear of not being abled to make something out of this.
I  want to be fully committed in this and rediscover my love for blogging and also my love for sharing, my interests,my passions for design and my love for beauty. 
This was a platform for me to express myself through the things I loved creating the most - through Art and Design and my love for all things beautiful. Thank you to all of those who have followed my blogging journey from the beginning. I am very grateful. 

Keep a look out for more beauty posts coming soon.
Hope you all like the new layout.
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