We've all experienced those days where we feel super unproductive, I definitely know I've have had these days before. Now that all of my uni deadlines have passed my mind and body is just exhausted. I try to keep positive and productive as much as I can; here is a list a few things that I do that help me keep productive and keep those ideas flowing.

Carry a sketch book or a note book with me
Take regular breaks from work
Surround with positive and creative people - vibess
Get feedback - there is always room for improving your designs
Listen to music 
Get way from the internet
Don’t force it - (Need I say more)
Declutter my workshop and environment around me 
Finish my work ! - I go back to something that I was working on before and finish it
Set myself some goals (short term/long term)    
Set myself a design brief
Collaborations - Look to work with the best in my field & create work together
To Do lists - A MUST
Learn a new program
Do more things to make you happy
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