I'm back with a 'Back to School' make up look, if you're like me and you love your sleep you need a quick and simple make up look for everyday. This is my 'go to' make up look for when I have uni, I've listed a few tips to help you recreate this simple yet wide awake make up look. Depending on your school rules I would say to keep the make up simple yet well put together. 

1.Frame your face Fill in the natural brow shape with a pencil that is two shades lighter then your hair colour. Keep your natural shape as you won't have time to sculpt out a whole new brow.

2.Brighten up your under eyes and dark circles - 
If you do suffer with dark circles like me, use a hydrating concealer in a shade that best suits your skin tone. Camouflage those all nighters study sessions. If you need more help like me use a full coverage concealer to cover up any blemishes you want to conceal. 

3. Long lasting make up - Look for a foundation that will keep up with you as your days go on. As you won't really have much time touching up, make sure you powder all the areas you need for that extra coverage. 

4. Coat those lashes - Don't go over board with the mascara as it is from my experience the first thing teachers will notice. Just a few coats will give that wide awake appearance to your look. 

5. A touch of colour- Depending on what you prefer add your favourite blush, highlighter or bronzer to your face.
6. Keep your lips moisturised throughout the day - I would stick to a tinted lip balm or a pencil. Consider using a lip stain gloss or marker that will last longer than normal lipstick. 

Things you should remember:
School Rules
Staying true to yourself and your personal style

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