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This look might not be for everyone's taste, but for those who can appreciate a high gloss and dewy face then this is for you. Have you ever wondered how they achieve that glossy texture on the lids on models? The thought of putting sticky lipgloss on the lids was something my skin never agreed with and was also something that never lasted. You also can achieve this look using only a shimmer or metallic shadow - (just avoid glitter) nevertheless if you are someone who would like to achieve this look without using shimmery eyeshadows then this is for you.  

Thanks to the new GOSH Cosmetic new collection of lip oils, I have finally found a product that works perfectly in trying to achieve this makeup look. Packed with nourishing oils which are great for the skin these oils can not only be used for the lips but can be used in other areas of the face. These Lip Oils are infused with a blend of oils and natural Nordic super active ingredients. With the special blend of four natural rich and intensive repairing oils including oil from the Nordic superfood – Sea Buckthorn, Moringa Oil, Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil, and also VITASKIN E. All of these ingredients are great for dry and cracked skin which is why I believe that they have not irritated my skin, perfect for those who have sensitive skin. These lip oils also come in four different shades however they do not  really appear when it’s rubbed in.  This look has now become my favorite look to do to keep my skin looking nourished and moisturized throughout the cold period. I also paired this look with the new collection of  GOSH Velvet Touch Matte Lipsticks in the colour Raisin which has slowly become my new favorite colour to wear.

Steps to achieve this look:

1. Apply your base using the products that work well with your skin, the key is to create a soft and fresh complexion to complement those glossy lids - the nomake-up make-up look

2. Apply the lip oil on a well-primed lid - this oil can be applied with eyeshadow, however, apply in small amounts to prevent any creasing

3. For a full on gloss effect: Apply the oil at the high points of your face such as the tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, under the brow bone and on the cupids bow 


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