Things I've learnt in 3 years at Uni ✌️

3 years. 3 long years of university and I am feeling very reflective as it comes to an end, especially now that I had graduated last week Thursday!. When I think of university I am filled with a mixture of anxiety and  relief. I studied Graphic Design and Media at the London College of Arts (LCC) and I definitely had experienced some highs and lows being there.

Everyone’s university  experience is different and I truly believe what you put into it, is what you get out of it. I loved going to university, long days of library hell, hanging with friends, constant design deadlines and constant back pain from the heavy bags, but most importantly the independence. During my 3 years at uni, I have developed so much as a person, and I am not the same girl that started in 2013. I found that the things that were really important to me then, are not anymore. It’s not particularly revolutionary, but I thought that it might be nice to read for those who are also leaving university this year, or for those who are just entering university soon. So here it is, things I've learnt in my 3 years of uni.

Finding Love 

I definitely blame romcoms for this one, finding love at university doesn't always happen sadly. Well for me it didn't. I've always pictured myself meeting someone at uni, falling in love and happily getting married blah blah 
blah. But yes you learn to accept that it's not going to happen here especially when it's your last year. But yes I've learnt that I'm just a hopeless romantic at heart. Love will find you and the more you attempt to look for it, the longer it will take to appear in your life and I truly believe it. So until then,focus on being the best you can be right now.

Not being that party girl is OK 

I'm not much of a drinker, actually, I don't really drink at all.I found that every time I told someone that I don't drink they would be so shocked lol. I loved going out, meeting new people but after a while, it all becomes the same. University is made out to be this 24-hour party, but if you are with the right people then your university experience will be. I definitely learnt that not being the party girl all the time doesn't mean I'm doing it wrong. It just shows me how much I've grown up a bit. 

Being Broke

Only God knows how much I've spent on printing and food. University isn't cheap but student discounts do really help. Having a job during university for me was so important, I never wanted to ask my parents for money for uni. Having the freedom and independence to purchase whatever I wanted is the best feeling ever. For the last 3 years of uni, I had a job. But yes, there were days where I was really skint and days where I never wanted to check my bank account. However understanding to budget your money and having your spending priorities in check is very important when you begin uni (easier said then done right).

Having a good Balance

Now I wish I could go back to those all nighters and tell myself to chill.  I would  say that I had missed out on a lot of things because I had that  fear of failing in the back of my head. But now that I look back having a good balance of uni, having a job and hanging out with friends and family are so important. Take a day where you do nothing, take up a hobby,  get a job. Do something that will keep your mind off the stresses of uni. Trust me if will do you good.

It doesn't always work out, and that's ok. I found that the friends I made in my first year of university changed completely in my last year. The whole ' text me' or ' we'll meet up sometime' doesn't always happen and that's really ok. I truly believe that the friendships you make in the last years of uni are the ones you keep forever!. They have gone through the struggles with you and stood by you in your time of need. 

Finding yourself 

University is also a great time to find yourself, a time to understand what you want to do in the future and also acknowledging  the fact that you are capable. Things that used to matter to me before now doesn't,(well some things still working on it).There are still things I need to figure out like what I really want to do as a career, but all in good time. But yes, understanding who you are as a woman and also embracing everything that comes with it is a journey in itself.

What are your experiences with uni?  Are you just starting your journey, or are you completely finished like me? Drop your comments , or a message via Twitter (@_farzanaahmed).

PS.I have finally accumulated a few projects and have created a platform for my work & also links to my design site. Please check out my portfolio for branding/type and much more. Looking forward to watching it grow. Links to the site here. 

@f.ahmeddesign ✌️ someone please give me a job. Thanks xx 

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  1. congratulations on graduating! about to head into my third year, can already completely agree with most of these points!


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