2017 & Beyond - What are you 20's for?

Right, does anyone else make long to-do lists for your New Years Resolution or even to-do lists in general?. I am all for giving myself daily goals, tasks and monthly plans no matter how big or small it may be. If you know me I always carry around with me my to-do list journal, so I've been constructing this list for the last few weeks of 2016 - writing it, then rewriting it again. Writing what I really want for this new year. 2016 was a real roller coaster year for me, however, I came out with loads of achievement - graduating, driving, getting work published and much more.I have to constantly remind myself that is it not a race; and that I have time to make mistakes and learn from them which brings me to this - what are our 20s really for.

Just a small reminder for you and for me. 

Our 20s are for you
Our 20s is for growth 
Our 20s are for knowledge 
Our 20s is for options 
Our 20s is probably our most experimental time.
Our  20s isn't the decade to be scared to play it safe.
Our 20s is a pursuit of a better tomorrow that is better than today.
Our  20s is not for continuous comprise on everything you love doing or being.

Few days in the new year, I thought it would be great to share with you all some of my goals I plan to put into action; and it would hopefully inspire some of you all to set and plan your own goals  - both short and long term. Turn your wants into a will. 

I will work harder and be smarter with my time
I will become more confident
I will surround myself with amazing people
I will sleep 7-8 hours a day (at least)

I will help people (in any way)
I will design, redesign and design again
I will have a monthly goal (big or small)
I will give my family the life they deserve (long term)
I will travel to more countries (aye)
I will be kinder to myself
I will take care of my skin (eczema will improve by my birthday)
I will drink more water
I will stop spending money (on dumb sh*t)
I will stop worrying about what people might think
I will blog more about life (not just makeup)
I will embrace my Bangladeshi culture and heritage more
I will spend time with like-minded people
I will have a mindful morning routine (prayer, skincare, food)

Please let me know what are your goals for 2017! tweet @_farzanaahmed 

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  1. Definitely need to make sleeping better one of my goals this year too, hope you reach all of these goals! x



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