ASOS Face + Body

Asos is out here making moves.

Last week Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to attend Asos face and body’s new campaign launch 'Go Play'. At the launch, Asos displayed their long awaited new beauty collection launching on the site very soon - (Sept. 20). I wanted to vlog the event because I generally want you guys to experience what I saw & how I felt - and just generally want to up my editing skills.

The Asos campaign explores beauty through the eyes of all genders, not just women. The campaign features a group of diverse models that look like real people – yes people that look like you and me.  It's 'Go Play' tagline links to the idea of having the face and body as a canvas, a way of self-expression and an opportunity to play and experiment with makeup, this is definitely something I can relate too in every way. The campaign includes a wonderful poem that links everything harmoniously together – I am me.

 At the event, they also had a few interactive installations that you could play with, different textures, shapes and a ball pit - yessssss (check out the vlog) I honestly felt like a child running around the building, definitely embodying the whole ‘Go play’ tagline. With all this excitement I had at the launch,  Asos also included an Asos Snapchat filter, this allowed the users there to recreate some of the looks from the campaign - love shit like that!.  Along with the campaign,  I got a chance to see their new beauty range featuring their new lipsticks, bronzers, eyeliners and highlighters, very affordable all ranging from £5 – £12. The collection drops Sept. 20!. Can't wait to get my hands on some products. I'm really looking forward to trying out their new highlighters (check out the vlog for swatches) and their liquid nude lipsticks.  

Yes, there is still a long way to go before the beauty and fashion industry finally become more inclusive to all men and women of every skin tone. However,  just being at the event, sitting down and watching the campaign video, I’ve never seen a campaign quite like this both visually stunning and unbelievably progressive. It was honestly such an uplifting feeling to see a large brand like Asos finally recognizing and including women of colour, and gender-nonconforming models in this campaign.

Endless ways to be you.

Thanks Asos.


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