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Brace yourself, but things are about to get deep. My skin type can be very on and off - ( on being really good) but most of the time it's OFF.  I have very dry skin and this is due to having eczema. For the longest time, I have suffered from eczema, as it was passed down to me (fun). Good skin has always been a concern to me from when I really noticed that I had eczema - the beginning of my school years. I can clearly remember my mum applying cream to my skin and having to wear bandages to bed. I also really remember, watching my skin bleed after scratching my skin away. And to this day, one of my main reasons why I never have long nails.

I really wish I documented this accurately, what my skin was truly going through. These images honestly do not do it justice. At this point, I felt so low, it honestly was the most depressing feeling in my life that my skin can really make me feel this way. I really couldn't look at myself let alone take any pictures, and being a 'beauty blogger' and feeling 'pretty' meant everything to me - I know, dumb right. I definitely felt the pressures of social media not being able to 'keep up'  with these beauty standards online. It was an intense downward spiral, I found that I started to compare myself to these women that. It was quite mentally draining I decided to just take a break from social media and blogging altogether and really take to time to look after myself and my skin.


I've done a full in-depth review on this product - here. Must check it out. Just imagine this image on your skin - but better. This product really helped remove all the thick layer of dry skin off my skin, I saw that when I used it the flaky skin started to crumble up off my skin! it was honestly the most amazing feeling. 

Homeoplasmine: (two places you can buy from)

It is a French pharmaceutical brand, a must have for MUAs and those of us with very dry skin. This is an all purpose ointment great to use it in areas where you may have dry, flaky and cracked skin. It restores softness and lasting hydration to my dry areas without a feeling of "dependency" between applications after frequent use - which is honestly amazing. One of the main ingredients is Vaseline, however, it isn't an ordinary tube of Vaseline, it differs in that it also contains an anti-septic and contains homoeopathic ingredients (hence the "homeo" in the title). So, it is a little different and that's what you're paying for. It does work a little different to just regular Vaseline. Yes Hunny, I've done my research. 
You don't need to very dry skin to use this product, this product is ideal for those of us who have dry lips or cracked heels - it's that good. 

I generally like to alternate between these two cleansers for a few reasons,  one of my main purposes why I do this is so that my skin won't get used to a product and stop working to its full potential. It's a super lightweight, alcohol-free facial cleanser that effectively removes impurities. I enjoy it when ever I return from being outside.
My skin is softer, less irritated and less bumpy.  It doesn't foam up which is ideal as foamy cleansers strip your skin of its natural oils. 

Another great cleanser which I've mentioned before (check out my review on Instagram here). I mainly use this at night, When I use this there is that unpleasant dryness or tightness that I get with some other cleansers I've used in the past. Again, it doesn't foam up as it is an oil. Other benefits of the product are that it doubles up as a makeup remover.

Hope this is given you all more details of the product and how it benefited my skin. I alway say, everyone's definition of good skin will be different, and for me for a very long time was about having smooth and soft skin. These images were taken 4 months ago and I've never looked back. 

If you are going through a period where your skin is acting up, really take some time out a truly evaluate two things 1) what you put onto your skin e.g old makeup, dirty phone screen and 2) what you are putting inside your body - your diet. I still have along way to go with my skin, I'm always on the hunt  for new skincare product! So if there are any skincare products you would like me to try out and review let me know!.

Don't be like me and completely shutting the world out, take care of yourself and take care of your skin.

Love you, sis. 


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