The ordinary foundation in 3.1Y
Niod photography fluid highlight
Inglot liquid highlighter in 66
Sleek brow kit | Dark

ASOS Make-Up Eyeshadow Palette - Strong
Juvia's Place in the Zulu Eyeshadow Palette 
Lottie London's Stamp Liners

Sleek Matt me | Cinnamon Spice

It’s little details that count.

Add some sass to a boring eyeshadow look, I adore face tattoos and how much it adds character it brings to someone's face - I wouldn’t really know what I would get if I ever did get one but for now, temporary tattoos are the way forward.
I’ve definitely seen a trend in these eyeliner stamps recently, I remember having a few when I was young and now I'm here reliving my childhood (glam)
fantasy. I've lusted over them since I saw Milk make up launching their own eyeliner stamps, nevertheless, it was difficult getting my hands on them as they are based in the USA. When I saw Lottie London's new launch of Stamp Liners it was a given. I picked up two of these liners, Heart to Heart and Starry-eyed for £4.95, however, if you do want to try these and not spend so much I have found some cheaper alternatives - (here).

For my eyes, I used a shimmery shadow from the new ASOS Make-Up Eyeshadow Palette - Strong in the centre and mixed in with the Juvia's Place in the Zulu Eyeshadow Palette which I got from beauty bay. Very impressive pigment from both of these eyeshadow palettes I would definieity recommend them. To finish off the eyes I used the Lottie London's Stamp Liners in Starry-eyed - get it?It definitely adds a playful element to a simple smokey eye. D
epending on your eye shape, I would position them a little higher just before where my eyes start to fold in - just so you could see the starts properly.

For the skin, I used my go-to foundation at the moment mixture with another go-to highlighting product - the ordinary foundation in 3.1Y and the Niod photography fluid highlight. The perfect combination to achieve that winter glow for my skin. Topped the skin off with the Inglot liquid highlighter in 66. For the lips, I used sleek Matt me in cinnamon spice - such a beautiful colour and very pigmented!.

So, Would you try these eyeliner stamps? Would you recreate this look? Tag me on ig @textbookbeauty x

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