Orange is definitely my new Black. I find myself going through a phase of loving bright and vibrant colours and at this moment it is ORANGE. Orange is just a beautiful colour on everyone especially brown and black women - ayyye. I generally like wearing blocked colours on my lids day-to- day as I don't have to fuss about transition and crease colours - the whole works!. I feel block shadows is a great way to start introducing fresh hues of colour to your makeup look. Great for beginners and with summer around the corner. I believe the key to pulling off this kind of statement eye look is keeping it grounded; go with a natural lip colour using the Gosh Liquid Matte Lips in Nougat Crisp, (another favorite) and a simple slick hairstyle -very editorial. So, would you give this a try? Comment below!

For this look, I am wearing the new collection of sarees by Kanya London called the KANYÄ MINIMA in Black. Designed in London, I came across this brand on Instagram and immediately fell in love. The beautiful owner Sahani has created an innovative and modern twist to the classic traditional sari - check them out here.


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