A letter to myself. 
A letter to myself.
A letter to myself. 
What do you plan to do better Farzana? well....
The first week of 2018 has passed and I have just found myself truly reflecting on the months that have just transpired. The more I think about it the whole stop & start mentality to the new year is kinda silly, the idea that wiping the slate clean and starting over can change everything (well in some cases yes.) My only feeling I have for 2018 is to just keep going, bringing that hard-working mentality I have (always) from last year to this new year. 
Saying this, I have thought of some new ways I could be a lot more efficient this year. 2017 was the year I actually had so many jobs - 5 to be exact.  I felt like 2017 was a practice round for me lol, it was a year of laying down foundations and planting seeds for the future. Regardless of what happened in 2017 we should be all proud of everything we achieved in the last year, I sometimes fail to realise the smallest achievements are things that continue to push me forward. I noticed at an early stage of my design career I did not want to settle for a position  I was not happy with, as well as being in a position I was not actually learning anything from it. 
2016 was the year I graduated, and 2017 was the year I needed to really explore all my options.  When I first started university I had an idea what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go, however when it came to actually graduating I didn't want to limit myself - why would I?. 2017, I really encountered some real highs and lows throughout all aspects of my life - personal, career, blogging, opportunities that were taken away from me etc. I considered the idea of not pursuing a career in what I studied was outlandish, I didn't want it to feel like a waste of three years studying to not do it.  As a result of this, I found it literally pushing me into trying to find a job in my chosen profession. 
Saying all that, I remember saying in every Interview I had, 'In a few years time, I don't actually want to be working for other people or other companies'. It's made me come to a conclusion that 2017 signified that I simply just desire to work for myself, well at least freelancing shall we say. 
One of my many  2018 goals is to maintain pushing myself through creating content I like, this will be through either a makeup look, graphic design, videos or things I am currently enjoying. Other aspects I would also like to improve is to try my best to not make everything so perfect which will be very difficult *lol. I will continue combining my passion for design and blogging together and we will see where it takes me - a new job, new opportunities who knows. This year will continue to be the year of me (well all of us)  stepping up to the plate and doing all the shit that needs to get done in order to get another step closer to our goals. 
Realistically pace yourself in 2018 with regards to your 2018 plans. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. So try not to burn yourself out within the first few weeks in January. 
Photos by the talented Alisha Dandy > Check out her work she is amazzzing!
What will you continue doing in 2018?

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