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This year so far has been chopped full and great and really shitty experiences, and me being a somewhat self-aware person that really tries to ask myself questions, on how I can improve and also reassessing practices that might not be working as well for me. I always ask myself what is about spaces like IG, twitter that I enjoy. Is it that it feeds the ego? - maybe, is it that I enjoy connecting with like-minded people - yes. 

Saying this, if I needed to stop being on these social platforms I can stop, and have done many times. what is it about this space that I enjoy. 
Then I saw the film - ‘where did you go Bernadette’ - long story short it's about this character who is an architect and her life shifts, through the film she notices her creative spirit dampens and loses her purpose - and it hit me. 
Heres a line in the film “People like you must createIf you don't create, Bernadette, you will become a menace to society.”’ and to me, I took it as, that my energy, my focus is not in the purposeful direction it needs to be if you don’t create. 

Instagram has become a small space for me to just create, with so much happening it has become this small tether or cord that is holding me to my purpose of creation when I didn’t have the time or capacity to do so.
I have really enjoyed putting my thoughts together and adding my own creative perspective to them. and thats really want it’s been, its been my tether to my purpose at a time where I really didn’t get to be in full fledge with this shit. 

S/O to all my creatives, the key for us is to continue to do what we are supposed to do, is making something from nothing - a gift, that inspires and encourages others, and in order us to do that we need to create safe spaces. which is why my February art challenge is key for me. 

This coming year, ask yourself what is that lifeblood and that key that makes you happy. 

Random thoughts that I have to put down somewhere.
thanks for attending my ted talk. 

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